Reimagining Experiences to Identify Digital Opportunity

Incipient provides solutions that address today’s challenges while establishing a foundation and vision for the future.

Where is Your Opportunity?

Develop a solution to address a specific problem, personalize your customer's experience, or capitalize on a new opportunity.
With innovation comes progress, which of the items below is a current challenge for you?

i. Clearly presenting your brand, offerings, and benefits to your customers in personalized way

ii. Addressing bottlenecks within your operations and losing countless hours to manual or mundane processes

iii. Identifying opportunities for growth; whether it's ways to provide more value to your customers or a new offering to generate additional revenue
Improve your existing products or platforms to address key challenges through connectivity, personalization, and experimentation.
Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. Which of the following are you currently experiencing?

i. Struggle to understand my customer and their individual behaviors

ii. Lack of Centralized data that will enable actionable decisions across all business aspects

iii. Consumed with new features or enhancement thoughts, without the ability to execute
Empower your employees by supplying them with tools to improve safety, automate manual processes, and optimize communication.
Always wanted to be a first mover? Now is the time. Do you find yourself looking for solutions to the following?

i. Challenges with consistency in labor and productivity

ii. A reliable fulfillment asset for your supply chain

iii. A way to enable all your systems to communicate in real time without human intervention

iv. Tools to drive employee satisfaction and efficiency

How We Execute

Incipient a full service software development company providing strategy, design and technology services to propel its’ clients to the forefront of innovation.

With an ever-growing global team powered by a passion for growth; Incipient has helped its clients successfully identify , plan for, and capitalize on Digital Opportunties wherever they may present themselves.

Information Architecture
Customer / Employee Experience
New Business Models or Opportunities
Application Modernization
Branding / Visual Strategy
UI Design
UX Design
Interactive / Motion Design
Business Applications (CRM, ERP, WMS)
Business Intelligence
Business Process Automation
Web Applications
Native Mobile and Tablet Applications
Enterprise Mobility Applications

Client Success Stories

Create. Optimize. Automate.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals
A leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing with a desire to centralize and automate their fulfillment process; created a custom TV OS Application to supply employees with real-time status updates across all production lines.
A premium sporting athletic wear manufacture determined to increase its online uniform sales while optimizing order fulfillment and inventory management; migrated to Magento 2 and created a custom mobile ordering experience.
Trussario Underwear Co.
An emerging Underwear Brand, based out of Kiev, Ukraine seeking to increase brand awareness and online sales during the holiday season; created a custom tailored solution geared towards women purchasing gifts for their significant other.
From the vision of a former Minor League Baseball Player; with a desire to dismantle the lesson barriers between coaches and students. Birthed an on-demand, video streaming - lesson platform where personal achievements, meets accessible coaching.


According to IDG 2018 State of Digital Transformation survey, 89% of enterprises have plans to adopt or have already adopted a digital-first business strategy with Services (95%), Financial Services (93%) and Healthcare (92%) leading all industries. 

The latest advancements of Technology in iOT, Robotics, and AI are creating a new landscape and enabling companies to address challenges they have been facing for decades, in addition to creating opportunities for new business models.

We don't live in the age of the automobile, or even the computer. We live in the age of user experience

- Jim Hackett, Ford CEO

Transformative Solutions

See how Our Partners latest technologies can help transform processes in your business.

Fetch Robotics: Cloud Robotics Platform for On-Demand Automation
Estimote Beacons; Location , Personalized Notifications and Event Monitoring
Microsoft HoloLens: Mixed Reality in the Modern Workplace

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Let your systems do the talking for you. Build an information highway across all your products and departments.

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Tips, Advice and Insights from Our Team of Experts.

Be Smart About Your Business Productivity

What could be simpler relying on one solution for all your productivity, security, backup and app training needs? Thanks to our partnership with SherWeb, Incipient Corp. can bundle it all together with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution proposal guide

A busy executive will often base their decision to continue reading a proposal upon the executive summary, making it vitally important to craft the perfect one-page summary of your unique solution proposal.

A solution proposal is an important follow up to a proposal presentation, giving the potential customer actionable steps to follow even after you have left. Use this guide to ensure every element of your follow-up is perfectly structured.

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Listening to customer feedback with Azure Machine Learning

With up to 500 employees in the air at any given time, Microsoft MSTravel is using Machine Learning to understand and improve user experience.

MSTravel uses Azure Machine Learning to extract data insights from traveler feedback and emails captured in Dynamics 365 CRM. These insights have helped them to build a more complete picture of users and their experiences.

At Incipient Corp., we can help you discover how you can also leverage CRM insights to improve user experiences. To learn more, contact us today.

How Microsoft planned and deployed Skype for Business to the Office 365 Enterprise E5 cloud

A modern workplace needs a modern way to communicate. At Incipient Corp., we know that adopting new tools can be tough. That’s why we’re here to assist you.

With Skype, you can improve user experience, increase business productivity, and gain closer connections with business users. Bring your workplace into the modern digital age with Skype.

If you’re interested in the benefits of incorporating modern communications into your business, we want to help. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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